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Order Information

See Catalogue: Click a category from the lefthand menu, and subsequently, the interesting item, and the corresponding catalogue page will show up in the main window. Click on an image to get a second view, doubleclick to get an enlarged version.

Easy Order Procedure: Simply click "add to shopping cart" and the item is added to your cart. You always see the current number of items in your shopping cart on top of the lefthand menu of our site ("Order / Shopping cart"). To send your order or to check your shopping cart simply click this link and the cart content is shown in the main window. Click button "Continue", enter your address and choose a payment method, and click button "Buy". When you fill in your E-Mail address, we will inform you as soon as possible of the expected shipment date.

If our shopping cart does not work properly on your computer, please go straight to our order form at https://www.linefeed.eu/swimwear-for-men/k.asp and use the "Comments" field to specify the item(s) you want to order.

Quick Shipment: Normally the goods arrive within 7 days (depending on your location it may take longer). If an item ordered is temporarily out of stock, you will be informed accordingly.

Fair Prices: Our prices indicated in Euro (€€) apply to all European Countries except the United Kingdom. Those in British Pound (£) are applicable to shipments to the United Kingdom only, the U.S.Dollar ($) prices apply to U.S. destinations as well as the rest of the world. Where applicable our prices are containing VAT.

Small or Zero Shipping Charge: We do not charge for shipments within the European Union, to the United States, Canada, Australia, and to Switzerland. Except: A small shipping charge not exceeding EUR 5.00 GBP 3.50 USD 5.00 will be added to orders that amount to less than EUR 18.50 GBP 12.90 USD 18.50, and in case of cash-on-delivery payment, the C.O.D. charges mentioned below. For all other destinations we will pass on the actually accruing shipping charges (please contact us in advance).

Easy Payment:
1)Credit card: we are accepting the following major credit cards
VISA (Verified by VISA)
What's that, the CVC code? It's the three last digits of the number on the backside of your card, or, in case of AMERICAN EXPRESS, the small 4-digit number above the card number.
2)PAYPAL: quick and safe payment via PayPal, even if you do not (yet) have a PayPal account.
3)Advance payment, via bank transfer: we will mail you a proforma invoice with the necessary bank details, and you will receive the goods a few days after receipt of the funds.

Money-Back Guarantee: For countries within the European Union: Just return the unused goods within 14 days, and you will receive full refund. For countries outside the European Union, at the time being we cannot generally accept returns. Please understand that in case of returns and exchanges the accruing return postage cannot be refunded.

Product Information Swimwear

Fabric and Care: Our swimsuits are mostly made of a mix of materials, above all polyamide, elastane, and polyester. Please check the labels attached to the individual articles for exact information on materials and care instructions. You will find information on the composition of each item in our catalogue pages, too.

Size: Please check the following table for the most suitable of the sizes used by our shop (Please note: all measures refer to the person, not the swimsuit - e.g. my waist is 33.5 inches, so size M suits best)
XS293230ins / 75cm
S314332ins / 80cm
M335434ins / 85cm
L366536ins / 90cm
XL387638ins / 95cm
XXL408740ins / 100cm
3XL429842ins / 105cm

Plus Sizes: Please check the following table for the available waist sizes (Please note: all measures refer to the person, not the swim suit - e.g. my waist is 52 inches, so size '51in/132cm' suits best). We strongly recommend to choose according to your actual waist size, and not to the labels in your existing swim suits. 
41in/104cm41in / 104cm9
43in/108cm43in / 110cm10
44in/112cm44in / 115cm11
46in/116cm46in / 120cm12
47in/120cm47in / 126cm13
49in/124cm49in / 132cm14
50in/128cm50in / 138cm15
52in/132cm52in / 146cm16
54in/138cm54in / 146cm
57in/146cm57in / 146cm
60in/154cm60in / 154cm
64in/162cm64in / 162cm
67in/170cm67in / 170cm
71in/180cm71in / 180cm

Boys' Sizes: Please check the following table for the most suitable of the "age" sizes used by our shop (Please note: all measures refer to the person, not the swimsuit)
42ins / 104cm21.0ins / 54cm4
646ins / 116cm22.0ins / 56cm6
850ins / 128cm23.5ins / 59cm8
1054ins / 140cm24.5ins / 62cm10
1258ins / 152cm25.5ins / 67cm12
1462ins / 164cm27.5ins / 71cm16
1666ins / 176cm29.5ins / 75cm20

Labels: Our swimsuits are from various manufacturers. We take care to offer a balanced mix of major labels and good quality bargain priced labels.

Packaging: each swimsuit comes in a protective cellophane bag.

Product Information Accessories

Men's beach slippers: Please check the following table for the most suitable of the sizes used by our shop

Ladies' beach slippers: Please check the following table for the most suitable of the sizes used by our shop

Kids' beach slippers: Please check the following table for the most suitable of the sizes used by our shop

Privacy Statement

What this is about: This privacy statement is intended to inform the user of this website on how, why, and to what extent the operator of this website, Beach11 GmbH (see Contact Information), is collecting and processing personal data. We, the website operator, are seriously concerned about the confidentiality and security of your personal data and will treat it correspondingly, in compliance with all legal provisions. Please note that any transport of data over the internet basically can meet security flaws. A full protection from third parties' unwanted access cannot be achieved, at least at the time being.

How we treat access data: We are collecting data regarding the access to our web pages and store them as server log files. These are containing the following details: page visited, time of access, quantity of bytes sent, source which referred the visitor to the page, browser type, and operating system of the user. Our log files do not collect IP addresses. The data so collected is used for statistical purposes only, and should help us improve our website. Anyhow, we may look into the log files in more detail in cases of suspected illegal activity on our website.

Cookie policy: This website may use cookies. These are small text files on your computer, tablet or phone, which your browser is accessing when visiting our pages. The use of cookies improves the usability and security of this website. During the ordering process our website allows you to accept or prevent the following cookies:
Checkout cookie: If access is permitted, your address data, which you enter in the checkout form, will be saved in a cookie so that you do not have to type them in again the next time you visit. Payment information is not saved. Third parties have no access to this data.
Google cookies: To improve the effectiveness of our online advertising, we would like to let Google (Google Inc., Mountain View CA, USA) know that a purchase has been made in our shop. This can possibly be assigned to a click on a Google advertisement. Neither personal data nor the type and extent of your purchase will be passed on.

How we treat personal information: The website operator collects, uses and passes on your personal information only if this is complying with all legal provisions, or in case you have given your consent before. Personal information is any data which may help to determine your identity, and which may be traced back to you, for example, your name, email address, or phone number.

How we treat contact information: If you contact us through one of the channels on offer, your contact information will be stored, so that we can get back on it in order to process or answer your request. We do not pass on this data to third parties without your consent.

Your orders, comments and contributions: If you place an order with us, or leave comments or contributions on our website, your IP address will be stored. This is for the security reasons only. We want to be able to find out the identity of the perpetrator in case of illegal activities.

Right to viewing of and objecting to your data: On demand, you will be informed on which personal information concerning you we are storing. Unless your wish collides with a mandatory obligation of data storage, you are entitled to have corrected wrong information, or have barred or deleted your personal information from our files.

Contact Information

Address: Beach11 GmbH, Ertlstrasse 3/2.OG, 4560 Kirchdorf, Austria.

Phone: +43-7582-60724

Fax: +43-7582-60724-20

E-Mail: sales@swimwear4men.com

VAT number: ATU66203066

Register of Commerce: FN 357231s, LG Steyr

managing director: Christian Resl

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